What is Organic Pasta and Where to buy them in Sri Lanka

The difference between conventional pasta and organic pasta is that 

Organic pasta is pasta produced from organically grown durum wheat semolina. 

The term Organic means that the product is produced without using any chemical pesticides and fertilizers or other hormones. 

For a Product to be Organic it should fulfil specific strict guidelines, both at the production stage and at the cultivation stage. 

More consumers are now shifting for Organic products due to the fact that more and more chemical pesticides and fertilizers are being used in the commercial food production. 

Global Cart LK offers a range of Organic Pastas in Sri Lanka. All our products are certified imported products. We offer our customers in Sri Lanka some exiting new Organic Pastas, including Superfood Pasta, Quinoa Penne, Buckwheat Pasta, Corn & Vegetable Penne etc. 

Superfood "check" | Organic"check" | Vegan "check" | Vegetarian "check" | Gluten Free "check"

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