What Differentiate Nespresso Capsules from any Other Coffee Pod Brand, and Why you Should Switch to Nespresso Coffee Pods.

For starters only a small percentage of Coffee worldwide is eligible to meet Nespresso quality Standards. Selection criteria of Coffee for Nespresso Capsules is strict and rigorous.

Nespresso pods offer highest quality coffee with aromatic finesse and complexity. Each Nespresso variety offers unique aromatic notes to meet individual taste preferences and tasting occasions to create moments of genuine pleasure.

Nespresso Pods offer total of 25 premium coffees. Global Cart LK is the only store you can find 10 out of these premium Nespresso Pods in Sri Lanka. Nespresso Capsules are designed in such way that Air, light and moisture are kept at bay, while the aroma, freshness and flavor of the perfectly ground variety are sealed in till released to the cup.

There are several types of both espresso and lungo capsules within the Nespresso range. Global Cart LK provides a balanced selection of both of these Nespresso Capsules types in Sri Lanka.

The Positive Cup

What makes Nespresso unique apart from providing arguably the best quality coffee is that its Sustainable approach from sourcing quality coffee to packaging and recycling. They call it Positive cup approach, where each cup of coffee made with Nespresso Capsules will have a positive impact by 2020. Nespresso has taken significant steps from 2015 towards this approach.

Collaboration between Nespresso and Rainforest Alliance, an NGO that’s main work is provision of an environmental certification on sustainable forestry and agriculture and tourism, supports 45,000 farmers to grow the highest quality coffee more sustainably, enabling Nespresso Club Members around the world to enjoy Sustainable Quality™ coffee. Rainforest Alliance is also active in Sri Lanka mainly supporting the tea industry.

Nespresso Recycle program is widely expanding where used aluminum capsules are recycled to make new capsules where environmentally appropriate.

Nespresso continuously reducing its carbon footprint and aims to 100% carbon neutral company.


Knowing that we could even remotely contribute to this cause irrespective of us making a huge difference or not, should make us all Nespresso fans feel extra good when we make that next cup of Nespresso.

Global Cart LK is currently exploring our options to participating in this recycling program where the used Nespresso Coffee pods hall be collected and recycled appropriately.


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